While dating in itself can be a very thrilling experience, dating is Chicago is considered to be a different game altogether since this windy city makes you see love in a different light. Always happening Chicago events make dating even more fun. We have compiled a list of 12 reasons why dating in Chicago is thrilling:

dating in chicago

1. The city experiences 3 months of freezing temperatures that give you a chance to cuddle up.

Chicago winters are very cute and residents of the city are busy cozying up to each other in their blankets rather than freezing outside. This gives you and your date ample time to Netflix and chill at home while warming up to each other and your date also agrees with it completely.

2. Summertime is for endless parties and no-commitment dates!

Summers, on the other hand, are a series of endless parties for Chicagoans and people of the city do not leave it and go on vacations like in other cities. This is a no-commitment season and dating becomes all the more fun during summertime when the sun shines bright and the drinks flow freely.

3. You can get a great meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant without emptying your wallet.

With so many luxury as well as budget restaurants in town, you and your date are never going to feel a lack of good food in Chicago. If not these restaurants, going to a hot dog stand to get some lip-smacking hot dogs is considered completely normal and is one of the preferred dating styles of Chicagoans. The number of food trucks in the city is a proof of the fact that Chicagoans love their food and are not ashamed about it.

4. You can go on a date wearing anything as the city is quite down to earth.

Turn up on a date in a short tee and some yoga pants and you will even receive compliments for your casual dressing style. The city is very laid back in terms of dressing up and everything is considered attractive and pretty if it is comfortable. You can find a ton of places to go to if you want to dress up or dress down.

5. Your date depends on whether you support Sox or cubs.

People of this city are quite passionate about sports and the first topic of discussion on many dates is whether you support Sox or Cubs. This can be a make or break in the relationship as far as we have seen. If you are not a Packer’s fan and your date is, chances are that this date is not going to end well.

6. You do not have to pick up your date and she is cool with it.

Chicagoans are extremely cool when it comes to being practical. Your date doesn’t expect you to come halfway across the city to pick her up. You both can actually decide to meet at a common point or at the restaurant you have decided and this is considered absolutely normal. In other cities, picking up your date takes half your time but it is not the case in this city.

7. People do not rush into commitments in this city and are generally nicer.

You will not be asked if you want to move in or confess your love for your date anytime soon in this city. The residents are a very casual and practical bunch and they love their dates without putting in the pressure of commitment. People of Chicago are also generally nicer to each other and are not rude enough if the date doesn’t go as well as they had planned.

8. The Riverwalk is buzzing with new bars and craft breweries all the time.

The city has more craft breweries than you can think and the people here love to drink and celebrate life. The Riverwalk area always has something new to offer and you can actually make a day out of exploring this side of the town and tasting beers. The breweries are a great place to hang out if you and your date are up for drinking some great locally-made beers along with some amazing food to accompany them.

9. The city is quite affordable which means your date will have no roommate disturbances!

Living in Chicago is affordable and your date can afford to live in an apartment all by himself. This means that you two will not be disturbed by pesky roommates while having a date and can even sleep in if you don’t feel like going back. This also means that the residents of the city do not date just so that they can get somebody to move in and share the rent.

10. Obama had his first date at Hyde Park and you can too.

Recreate Obama’s first date at Hyde Park and experience the same thrill with your date too. This park is an ideal dating place for couples who love quaint and serene surroundings and long walks. We have seen that people of Chicago love their walks and this is the ideal dating place for them. There are a few other parks and lakes as well which are considered to be great dating spots for nature-loving people.

11. Dating beyond the subway lines is actually possible in this city.

Unlike other cities where people do not date across city lines because of such far distances, Chicago dating scene is pretty chill about dating across the subway lines as people find more options to date and do not mind traveling a bit to meet their date. Traveling in the city is so easy and convenient that you will not even feel that you are going across the city for a date.

12. People of Chicago are very funny and take everything in good spirit.

In general, when you compare Chicagoans with people of other cities, the people of Chicago have a great sense of humour and love cracking jokes to lighten up the mood. They do not take offense on every little thing and love making other people laugh too!