Are you one of those people who like to meet others using the traditional way rather than through online dating sites which everyone is using these days? Most singles register themselves on online dating sites but there is still a large percentage of singles who do not like meeting people online. We have compiled some tips on how to meet singles in Chicago without online dating:

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1. Go to that party you always avoid.

The best way to meet singles in Chicago is to attend the summer parties held in the city. A lot of singles attend these parties and it is a sure shot way of meeting someone you might be interested in. Chicago hosts a lot of summer festivals and it is time to attend all those parties which you earlier avoided due to work commitments or just plain laziness. You can also attend music festivals which are a goldmine when it comes to meeting singles. Chicago has so many places you can go to if you like a certain kind of party and don’t like some other types and you will always have a party of choice to go to in this city.

2. Join the Chicago Runners Association.

If you are fond of training and running, join some activities conducted by Chicago Area Runners Association or the Chicago Triathlon Club to meet like-minded individuals who are as fond of the activity as you are. If you are an adventure enthusiast, connect with The Adventure Run to take part in some fun runs conducted monthly. You can even enjoy a cold beer with your friends after the race and get a chance to meet other singles taking part in the event. Nike also holds regular training events in the city if you want to attend those and we loved these particular training sessions.

3. Register for some fun activities or sports at Sports Club.

The Chicago Sports & Social Club comes up with many interesting activities each month and you can participate in indoor and outdoor sports as a way of staying fit while working on your dating game. The events attract many young singles of Chicago and you can meet many new people through this club and some of them might even chat up to you and end up dating you. If you are a sports buff and want to date somebody with similar interests, this is the place to be.

4. Attend street festivals.

Chicago is known for its festivals and if you are not attending these happening fests, you are missing out on a lot of chances to meet singles in your area. From music festivals to shopping fests, the city has something to offer for everybody. The city is also famous for its food scene and loves hanging out by the hot dog stands to enjoy their favourite street food. These festivals are a great place to meet somebody and you can even connect with people effortlessly by chatting about the festival. The Chicago Beer festival is an amazing place to go to meet singles as the place is flowing with great food and even better beers. You can also go to the Chicago Randolph festival which is a street fest where sellers come to display their wares.

5. Ask your committed friends to help you find a date.

This might sound clichéd but asking your committed friends to set you up on a date can help you find a partner very easily since they might have a lot of single friends and can help you connect to them. Go on double dates with your committed or married friends and find a common ground to talk about to take things further. Do not sound clingy or needy but ask them to facilitate the meeting just so that the other person does not feel awkward when you approach them. Having common friends around will also make you feel comfortable and people of Chicago are quite down to earth and sweet so they will feel good if you ask their common friends to connect you to them.

6. Volunteer for a cause at Paws or Habitat for Humanity.

A great way to meet other singles in Chicago is by volunteering at local organisations like Paws, Habitat for Humanity, or other organisations. These organisations are run by active professionals and a lot of them are singles. This way you will be helping homeless animals and people to get a new life and meet other driven singles in the process. You never know who you might end up meeting during one of your volunteering sessions and you both will also connect on a human level through these sessions.

7. Cook up a storm at Read It & Eat It cookbook club.

If you are fond of cooking, attending some cooking clubs or classes can not only serve as a stress buster but can also help you find your life partner. Since people who have a passion to cook would only be a part of these clubs, there is a great chance that you will find someone who connects to you and your passion for food and drinks. Run by professional chefs and food fanatics, these groups have monthly sessions which you can attend and make the most of your opportunity. The Read It and Eat It club holds monthly reading sessions every month and the participants read the recipes of a particular cookbook before trying one of the recipes at home and sharing their experiences.

8. Sign-up at for finding single groups. is a social website which is designed with a sole aim of making like-minded people meet through fun activities and interests. You can find other singles with the same interest as yours using this site and attend those activities to meet up with singles. Young Professionals of Chicago is another organisation which has many career-driven members. They host monthly events where you can enjoy some live music and network with other individuals to be a part of this amazing community.