How to use the feed pellet machine for sale?

Feed pellet machine for sale is to press mixed corn, soybean, maize, grass, wheat powdery into 2-12mm animal feed pellets. Feed pellet machine is widely used in large, medium and small-sized aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, animal husbandry, poultry farms, individual farmers, small and medium-sized farms or large, medium and small feed processing plants.

feed pellet machine for sale

After adding water, heating and pressing the feed raw materials, the feed pellet machine can process feed raw materials into nutritious pellet feed for livestock, poultry, ruminant and aquatic animals. The particle size of feed pellets is usually between 2mm and 12mm. Compared with powdered feed, pellet feed has many advantages, which can be summarized in the following four aspects:

  1. After the sterilization of high-temperature steam, the possibility of mildew and insects in the feed is reduced, and the palatability of the feed is improved.
  2. The nutrition is comprehensive, and animals are not easy to be picky about food, which reduces the separation of nutrients and ensures the daily supply of nutritionally balanced feed.
  3. The reduction of the volume of feed pellets is easy for feeding. Also, it can reduce labor consumption.
  4. It is small and not easy to disperse. In any given space, more products can be stored, which is not easy to be affected by moisture and is convenient for bulk storage and transportation.

All livestock, poultry, ruminants or aquatic animals need to eat nutritionally balanced feed for a long time to get benefits, which are closely related to the operation of animal feed equipment. How can animal feed equipment be more durable? You need to pay attention to the following four points.

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First of all, do a good job in the test run before the formal production. Before using the new pressed film, the hole of the ring die should be checked whether it is smooth and vertical, and whether the hole inlet is correct and smooth. After the heat treatment of the ring die, it should be checked that whether the die hole is polished or not, and whether the finish of the die hole is enough or not. Some holes even have spiral lines left by processing or impurities sintered during heat treatment (such as oxides, iron filings, etc). Therefore, these all should be tested before using.

Secondly, reasonably master the load of the feed pellet making machine. The load degree of the animal feed equipment has a great impact on the output and quality of the feed pellets. Start the machine under no-load condition. At the beginning of operation, the feeding amount should be less before the powder passes through the die. After the ammeter pointer indicates that the current drops, the feeding amount can be gradually increased, and then the steam can be slowly added. Feed rate and steam addition are carried out synchronously.

After the feed pellet mill for sale works for a period of time, the working temperature of the die rises and the motor load drops steadily. At this time, the feeding amount can be appropriately increased until the temperature of the extruded particles reaches about 80℃, and then the feeding amount can be adjusted to the maximum. When the extruded particles have certain hardness and surface gloss, the feed pellet machine for sale can be put into normal operation.

This process takes about 5-10min, otherwise the hole mold will be blocked. It is usually necessary to work at full capacity to achieve the best production efficiency. Under special circumstances, in order to ensure product quality, the load of the animal feed equipment has to be reduced.

Thirdly, the moisture content of granular materials should be controlled. The moisture content of raw materials is too low, so it is difficult to form materials, and it is difficult to press out particles. If the moisture content of the material is too high and the steam is excessive, the pressure roller is easy to slip, and the particles cannot be pressed out. If the moisture content of the material is appropriate, the output and quality of the feed pellet machine for sale can be improved. For the safe storage and transportation of granular materials, the moisture content should be well controlled.

Finally, prevent metal sundries from entering the feed pellet machine for sale. Mixing metal impurities is an important factor affecting the service life of the die. Once metal sundries fall into the animal feed equipment the die roll will be damaged or pressed into the hole, so that the material cannot pass through the hole, which will not only reduce the pressing efficiency, but also cause individual holes to protrude on the die surface. Therefore, always check and remove metal sundries in the die hole.

Thus, before the feed machine for sale is formally put into use, the above points must be carefully checked.

The ring die is the important part of the feed pellet making machine. It has a direct impact on power consumption, output and quality of granulation.

The key to select ring die is to select appropriate die hole and its roughness. When the new ring mold is put into operation, checking the production capacity of the feed pellet machine and the quality of pellets is necessary. If the standard cannot be reached and other operation indicators are abnormal, it indicates that the selected ring mold does not match the produced products. When dealing with the ring die, it is must be care about the following aspects.

  1. Do not let the feed pellet making machine work without material for several minutes.
  2. After the production of feed pellet, when changing the ring die or stopping for a long time, the materials in the ring die hole must be ejected with oats, corn or oily materials. Do not leave formula feed in the ring die hole, otherwise the shell of the ring die would be corroded.
  3. Regularly checking the wear of the ring die. If the upper and lower wear of the ring die width is inconsistent, the ring die can be turned 180°.
  4. Before installation, the materials and dirt in the threaded hole shall be removed.

An important step in choosing a high quality feed pellet making machine is to find a reliable brand of feed pellet mill. RICHI Machinery has its own factory and professional production equipment. It is an industrial group that mainly focuses on feed pellet machinery, and also involves biomass pellet energy machinery, organic fertilizer pellet machinery and parts.

RICHI Machinery , as an feed pellet machine suppliers, regards product quality as the life of the enterprise. The main parts and wearing parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials, coupled with advanced processing technology. We can provide different types of animal feed machinery to meet different animal feed production needs. We provide various solutions for customers according to their needs, raw materials, production capacity, etc.

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