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Cost of floating fish feed making machine

In recent years, the fish farming market has good prospects and has become a good way for farmers to get rich. In fish farming, it is not only necessary to understand its costs and profits, but also to master scientific farming and floating fish feed making machine technique. Not just focusing on whether the fish grows fast, whether the nutrition of the fish feed is comprehensive, and whether the fish feed is safe and reliable. Small details can affect the overall farming efficiency.

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For example, the cost of fish farming will also be related to the income of farming. The use of the floating fish feed making machine can reduce the feed cost.

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After the fish eat the feed suppressed by the fish feed pellet machine, 95% of the fish will avoid picky eaters, increase the feed intake, shorten the growth cycle, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and greatly improve the survival of the fish.

The floating fish feed making machine can mix and process various crop raw materials, which can save a lot of feed costs for farmers. Therefore, the fish feed pellet extruder has become a “little helper” for the majority of farmers.

The pellet feed pressed by the floating fish feed extruder machine is more in line with the growth characteristics of the fish, and the utilization rate of the pellet feed is particularly high, which will not cause unnecessary waste, and directly save the farmer an expense.

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1. Features of floating fish feed making machine

The fish feed pellet machine is powered by household lighting electricity, and the pellets are extruded from the die hole under the extrusion of the floating fish feed making machine press roller, which can easily adjust the length of the pellets.

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When processing pellet feed, it can be pressed and formed without adding water. The processed pellets are smooth in appearance, moderate in hardness, good in internal curing, convenient for storage and transportation.

 It is very suitable for individual farmers and small farms. The floating fish feed pellet making machine has a small footprint, low energy consumption, large output, and is easy to move. Users can choose different types of machines according to their own production scale.

2. How much is floating fish feed pellet making machine?

So how much does a floating fish feed pellet making machine cost? The floating fish feed making machine is based on the production capacity. There are large, medium, small, etc., and the model and output are different.

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The recommended floating fish feed making machine model is about tens of thousands of yuan for a complete set of feed processing equipment, and about 2000-60000USD for a single floating fish feed extruder.

3. Where can I buy floating fish feed making machine?

There are several channels to choose from when purchasing floating fish feed making machine:

  • Buy it on the shopping website, but the machine can’t mold it, and I can’t test the machine to see the granulation effect on the spot, and it is easy to return and exchange goods, which is too troublesome.
  • Can be purchased at the local machinery store.
  • You can also directly search for “floating fish feed making machine” on your computer or mobile phone to find the pellet machine manufacturer.
floating feed extruder manufacturer in china

4.What floating pellet machine is easy to use?

What brand of floating fish feed making machine is cheap and easy to use? This is a question that farmers need to consider when purchasing a floating pellet machine. To choose a cheap and easy-to-use machine for efficient production for users 365 days, it is necessary to choose an old brand of a well-known brand to be reliable, and only a high-quality machine can be used with ease.

A good floating fish feed making machine brand must be a professional manufacturer, because only professionals can produce machines with reliable quality and industry standards. The manufacturer will recommend a very suitable floating fish feed making machine for the user according to the actual situation of the user’s production scale, raw materials used, and output demand.

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Therefore, in addition to considering the cheap price of the machine, farmers need to pay more attention to the quality of the floating feed machine. A reliable feed pellet machine manufacturer is crucial.

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5.Critical step in the floating pellet machine

The most critical step in the floating fish feed making machine is this step, do you know?

In the feed industry, it is often referred to as “conditioning”, that is, hydrothermal treatment of pellet feed powder materials. International studies have shown that conditioning is an important factor in pellet feed quality.

With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements for floating fish feed making machines, various fish feed pellet machine

enterprises are also paying more and more attention to the conditioning process in feed processing. Improving conditioning equipment is currently an important aspect of improving the quality of pellet feed products and improving market competitiveness. one of the means.

At present, the material conditioning machine is mainly used for the production of aquatic products and advanced animal feed. It is composed of paddles or augers and nozzles. There is often water vapor, syrup or water in the floating fish feed making machine. The longer the conditioning time, the better.

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What specific role does it play in feed production?

(1)The powder material has been processed.

  • Improve the gelatinization degree of starch in the feed and improve the digestion ability of animals to starch.
  • Promote the denaturation of protein in the material, making it easy to disconnect, thereby improving the digestibility of the pellet machine feed.
  • Using a certain temperature can kill most of the pathogenic bacteria of the material and ensure the hygiene of the feed.

(2) Improve the water resistance of pellets.

After conditioning treatment, the viscous components in the material gelatinize starch, which can give full play to the role of denatured protein as a binder, and can effectively bind other components around.

The granules made by floating fish feed making machine are more closely combined, so that the pellets are denser, have a beautiful appearance, and are not easily eroded by water, thereby improving the stability of the pelleted feed in water.

(3) Improve material granulation performance and increase output.

By increasing the granulation link, the energy consumption of granulation can be saved to a certain extent, and the service life of the pressing die and the pressing roller can be improved. By quenching and tempering the pellets, the material becomes softer and more plastic.

When extruding the hole wall, the inner wall of the die, and the surface of the roller body, the frictional resistance is reduced, which avoids the conversion of a large amount of mechanical energy into heat energy during the floating fish feed making machine pelletizing process. Slow down the wear of die and roller.

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