How to use the feed pellet machine for sale?

Feed pellet machine for sale is to press mixed corn, soybean, maize, grass, wheat powdery into 2-12mm animal feed pellets. Feed pellet machine is widely used in large, medium and small-sized aquaculture, grain feed processing plants, animal husbandry, poultry farms, individual farmers, small and medium-sized farms or large, medium and small feed processing plants.

feed pellet machine for sale

After adding water, heating and pressing the feed raw materials, the feed pellet machine can process feed raw materials into nutritious pellet feed for livestock, poultry, ruminant and aquatic animals. The particle size of feed pellets is usually between 2mm and 12mm. Compared with powdered feed, pellet feed has many advantages, which can be summarized in the following four aspects:

  1. After the sterilization of high-temperature steam, the possibility of mildew and insects in the feed is reduced, and the palatability of the feed is improved.
  2. The nutrition is comprehensive, and animals are not easy to be picky about food, which reduces the separation of nutrients and ensures the daily supply of nutritionally balanced feed.
  3. The reduction of the volume of feed pellets is easy for feeding. Also, it can reduce labor consumption.
  4. It is small and not easy to disperse. In any given space, more products can be stored, which is not easy to be affected by moisture and is convenient for bulk storage and transportation.

All livestock, poultry, ruminants or aquatic animals need to eat nutritionally balanced feed for a long time to get benefits, which are closely related to the operation of animal feed equipment. How can animal feed equipment be more durable? You need to pay attention to the following four points.

RICHI Built 15-16T/H Animal Feed Factory Project For Cattle And Chicken In Saudi Arabia

First of all, do a good job in the test run before the formal production. Before using the new pressed film, the hole of the ring die should be checked whether it is smooth and vertical, and whether the hole inlet is correct and smooth. After the heat treatment of the ring die, it should be checked that whether the die hole is polished or not, and whether the finish of the die hole is enough or not. Some holes even have spiral lines left by processing or impurities sintered during heat treatment (such as oxides, iron filings, etc). Therefore, these all should be tested before using.

Secondly, reasonably master the load of the feed pellet making machine. The load degree of the animal feed equipment has a great impact on the output and quality of the feed pellets. Start the machine under no-load condition. At the beginning of operation, the feeding amount should be less before the powder passes through the die. After the ammeter pointer indicates that the current drops, the feeding amount can be gradually increased, and then the steam can be slowly added. Feed rate and steam addition are carried out synchronously.

After the feed pellet mill for sale works for a period of time, the working temperature of the die rises and the motor load drops steadily. At this time, the feeding amount can be appropriately increased until the temperature of the extruded particles reaches about 80℃, and then the feeding amount can be adjusted to the maximum. When the extruded particles have certain hardness and surface gloss, the feed pellet machine for sale can be put into normal operation.

This process takes about 5-10min, otherwise the hole mold will be blocked. It is usually necessary to work at full capacity to achieve the best production efficiency. Under special circumstances, in order to ensure product quality, the load of the animal feed equipment has to be reduced.

Thirdly, the moisture content of granular materials should be controlled. The moisture content of raw materials is too low, so it is difficult to form materials, and it is difficult to press out particles. If the moisture content of the material is too high and the steam is excessive, the pressure roller is easy to slip, and the particles cannot be pressed out. If the moisture content of the material is appropriate, the output and quality of the feed pellet machine for sale can be improved. For the safe storage and transportation of granular materials, the moisture content should be well controlled.

Finally, prevent metal sundries from entering the feed pellet machine for sale. Mixing metal impurities is an important factor affecting the service life of the die. Once metal sundries fall into the animal feed equipment the die roll will be damaged or pressed into the hole, so that the material cannot pass through the hole, which will not only reduce the pressing efficiency, but also cause individual holes to protrude on the die surface. Therefore, always check and remove metal sundries in the die hole.

Thus, before the feed machine for sale is formally put into use, the above points must be carefully checked.

The ring die is the important part of the feed pellet making machine. It has a direct impact on power consumption, output and quality of granulation.

The key to select ring die is to select appropriate die hole and its roughness. When the new ring mold is put into operation, checking the production capacity of the feed pellet machine and the quality of pellets is necessary. If the standard cannot be reached and other operation indicators are abnormal, it indicates that the selected ring mold does not match the produced products. When dealing with the ring die, it is must be care about the following aspects.

  1. Do not let the feed pellet making machine work without material for several minutes.
  2. After the production of feed pellet, when changing the ring die or stopping for a long time, the materials in the ring die hole must be ejected with oats, corn or oily materials. Do not leave formula feed in the ring die hole, otherwise the shell of the ring die would be corroded.
  3. Regularly checking the wear of the ring die. If the upper and lower wear of the ring die width is inconsistent, the ring die can be turned 180°.
  4. Before installation, the materials and dirt in the threaded hole shall be removed.

An important step in choosing a high quality feed pellet making machine is to find a reliable brand of feed pellet mill. RICHI Machinery has its own factory and professional production equipment. It is an industrial group that mainly focuses on feed pellet machinery, and also involves biomass pellet energy machinery, organic fertilizer pellet machinery and parts.

RICHI Machinery , as an feed pellet machine suppliers, regards product quality as the life of the enterprise. The main parts and wearing parts are made of high quality wear-resistant materials, coupled with advanced processing technology. We can provide different types of animal feed machinery to meet different animal feed production needs. We provide various solutions for customers according to their needs, raw materials, production capacity, etc.

richi pellet machinery

Organic fertilizer pellet making machine line process

In the production work of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine, various failures will occur, which is a normal phenomenon. There are many reasons for the failure, some are caused by long-term use and aging, and some are caused by human operation errors, but no matter what kind of failure occurs, it is caused by improper daily maintenance.

 If you make mistakes, there will not be so many failures and problems. Therefore, we need to review, but also need to seriously treat all kinds of failures of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine, and we need to seriously find the reasons and take measures to solve and deal with them.

A drum organic fertilizer pellet  is a molding machine that can make materials into specific shapes. Rotary drum fertilizer pelletizer machine is one of the key equipments in the compound fertilizer industry. It is suitable for cold and hot granulation and large-scale production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers.

The main working method is wet granulation of agglomerates. Through a certain amount of water or steam, the basic fertilizer is fully chemically reacted in the cylinder after humidity adjustment. Produce extrusion force to agglomerate into balls.

1. Process flow of compound fertilizer

The technological organic fertilizer pellet making machine process of compound fertilizer can be divided into: raw material batching, raw material stirring, raw material granulation, particle drying, particle cooling, particle classification, finished product coating, and finished product packaging.

(1) Raw materials:

Raw materials such as urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate (monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, heavy calcium, common calcium), potassium chloride (potassium sulfate) are allocated in proportion (according to market demand and local soil testing result).

(2) Stirring of raw materials:

Stir the prepared raw materials evenly to improve the overall uniform fertilizer content of the fertilizer granules.

(3) Raw material granulation:

The evenly stirred raw materials are sent to the organic fertilizer pellet making machine for granulation (can be granulated by turning stock, or by extrusion granulation).

(4) Particle drying:

The granules made by the organic fertilizer pellet making machine are sent to the dryer to dry the moisture contained in the granules to increase the strength of the granules and facilitate storage.

(5) Particle cooling:

The temperature of the dried fertilizer granules is too high, and it is easy to agglomerate. After cooling, it is convenient for bagging, storage and transportation.

(6) Grading of particles:

The cooled particles are classified, the unqualified particles are crushed and re-granulated, and the qualified products are screened out.

(7) Finished coating:

Coating the qualified products to increase the brightness and roundness of the particles.

(8) Finished product packaging:

Store the processed pellets, that is, the finished product, in a ventilated place.

Organic fertilizer pellet making machine

2. Features of compound organic fertilizer machine technology

(1) The applicability of raw materials and its wide range: It is suitable for the processing of crude fiber organic wastes with a moisture content of about 30%, such as fermented livestock and poultry manure, sugar mill filter mud, urban sludge, paper sludge, distiller’s grains, straw, peat and so on. Direct granulation by organic fertilizer pellet making machine can produce pure organic fertilizer, organic inorganic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer with spherical particles.

(2) High spheroidization rate and high survival rate of biological bacteria: The new technology can make the spheroidization rate reach more than 90-95%, and the new technology of low temperature and large air volume drying can make the survival rate of microbial bacteria reach more than 90%.

(3) The organic fertilizer pellet making machine process flow is short and the operating cost is low. The organic raw materials used in this process do not need pre-treatment such as drying and crushing. The process flow is short and the operating cost is low. Organic raw materials with a moisture content of about 30% should be dried to less than 13%, pulverized to more than 80 mesh, and the amount of organic materials added should not be greater than 30%).

3. Advantages of RICHI compound fertilizer production line:

  • The organic fertilizer pellet making machine has low investment, quick returns and good economic benefits.​
  • The complete set of organic fertilizer pellet making machine is compact in layout, scientific and reasonable, and advanced in technology.​
  • Energy saving and consumption reduction, no discharge of three wastes, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.​
  • The raw material has wide adaptability and is suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed, etc. The product has a high granulation rate.​
  • It can produce various concentrations and various types of compound fertilizers (including organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, biological fertilizers, magnetic fertilizers, etc.). Especially the granulation of rare earth, potash fertilizer and ammonium bicarbonate series compound fertilizer fills the domestic gap and ranks at the forefront of the country.

4. Key equipment – organic fertilizer pellet making machine

(1) Introduction of organic fertilizer making machine:

The main working mode of the rotary drum organic fertilizer pellet making machine is wet granulation of granules. Some water or steam or gas ammonia or nitrogen solution is passed in the machine to make the basic fertilizer in the cylinder to adjust the humidity, and then carry out chemical reaction and heating compound mixing.

Fertilizer granulation process or compound fertilizer cold granulation process supplemented with a small amount of water, under suitable temperature and humidity conditions, with the help of the rotation of the cylinder, the extrusion force is generated between the material particles and agglomerated into a ball.

(2) Composition of drum organic fertilizer pellet machine:

①Bracket part:

The whole rotating part of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine body is supported by the bracket, and the force is relatively large, so the part of the supporting wheel frame of the machine is welded by medium carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed strict quality control and special process requirements, and has reached this level. the purpose for which the machine is used.

In addition to this, the more important thing is the supporting theory fixed on the shelf. Considering that it will cause great friction with the rolling belt of the body, Richi Machinery specially selects high-quality anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials to improve the service life of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine.

Casting integrated technology is also adopted, and there are hooks at the four corners of the supporting wheel frame, which is convenient for loading, unloading and transportation.

② Transmission part:

The transmission part of the whole organic fertilizer pellet making machine is the most important part of the whole machine. The work of the whole machine has this kind of quality. The transmission frame is welded with high-quality channel steel and has passed the strict requirements.

 The main motor installed on the transmission frame both the reducer and the reducer are made of high-quality products with reliable quality. The motor of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer to drive the main shaft to make the body work.

③Big gear:

It is fixed on the organic fertilizer pellet making machine body and meshes with the transmission pinion to drive the machine body to work in the opposite direction.

④Rolling belt:

It is fixed on both sides of the body to support the whole body.

⑤Body part:

The most important part of the whole organic fertilizer pellet making machine is the body part, which is welded with high-quality medium carbon steel plate, and has a special rubber lining plate or acid-resistant stainless steel lining plate built-in to realize automatic scar removal, cancel the traditional scraper device, and pass strict quality. Control and special process requirements to achieve the purpose used by this organic fertilizer pellet making machine.

Cost of floating fish feed making machine

In recent years, the fish farming market has good prospects and has become a good way for farmers to get rich. In fish farming, it is not only necessary to understand its costs and profits, but also to master scientific farming and floating fish feed making machine technique. Not just focusing on whether the fish grows fast, whether the nutrition of the fish feed is comprehensive, and whether the fish feed is safe and reliable. Small details can affect the overall farming efficiency.

For example, the cost of fish farming will also be related to the income of farming. The use of the floating fish feed making machine can reduce the feed cost.

After the fish eat the feed suppressed by the fish feed pellet machine, 95% of the fish will avoid picky eaters, increase the feed intake, shorten the growth cycle, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and greatly improve the survival of the fish.

The floating fish feed making machine can mix and process various crop raw materials, which can save a lot of feed costs for farmers. Therefore, the fish feed pellet extruder has become a “little helper” for the majority of farmers.

The pellet feed pressed by the floating fish feed extruder machine is more in line with the growth characteristics of the fish, and the utilization rate of the pellet feed is particularly high, which will not cause unnecessary waste, and directly save the farmer an expense.

1. Features of floating fish feed making machine

The fish feed pellet machine is powered by household lighting electricity, and the pellets are extruded from the die hole under the extrusion of the floating fish feed making machine press roller, which can easily adjust the length of the pellets.

When processing pellet feed, it can be pressed and formed without adding water. The processed pellets are smooth in appearance, moderate in hardness, good in internal curing, convenient for storage and transportation.

 It is very suitable for individual farmers and small farms. The floating fish feed pellet making machine has a small footprint, low energy consumption, large output, and is easy to move. Users can choose different types of machines according to their own production scale.

2. How much is floating fish feed pellet making machine?

So how much does a floating fish feed pellet making machine cost? The floating fish feed making machine is based on the production capacity. There are large, medium, small, etc., and the model and output are different.

The recommended floating fish feed making machine model is about tens of thousands of yuan for a complete set of feed processing equipment, and about 2000-60000USD for a single floating fish feed extruder.

3. Where can I buy floating fish feed making machine?

There are several channels to choose from when purchasing floating fish feed making machine:

  • Buy it on the shopping website, but the machine can’t mold it, and I can’t test the machine to see the granulation effect on the spot, and it is easy to return and exchange goods, which is too troublesome.
  • Can be purchased at the local machinery store.
  • You can also directly search for “floating fish feed making machine” on your computer or mobile phone to find the pellet machine manufacturer.
floating fish feed making machine

4.What floating pellet machine is easy to use?

What brand of floating fish feed making machine is cheap and easy to use? This is a question that farmers need to consider when purchasing a floating pellet machine. To choose a cheap and easy-to-use machine for efficient production for users 365 days, it is necessary to choose an old brand of a well-known brand to be reliable, and only a high-quality machine can be used with ease.

A good floating fish feed making machine brand must be a professional manufacturer, because only professionals can produce machines with reliable quality and industry standards. The manufacturer will recommend a very suitable floating fish feed making machine for the user according to the actual situation of the user’s production scale, raw materials used, and output demand.

Therefore, in addition to considering the cheap price of the machine, farmers need to pay more attention to the quality of the floating feed machine. A reliable feed pellet machine manufacturer is crucial.

5.Critical step in the floating pellet machine

The most critical step in the floating fish feed making machine is this step, do you know?

In the feed industry, it is often referred to as “conditioning”, that is, hydrothermal treatment of pellet feed powder materials. International studies have shown that conditioning is an important factor in pellet feed quality.

With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements for floating fish feed making machines, various fish feed pellet machine

enterprises are also paying more and more attention to the conditioning process in feed processing. Improving conditioning equipment is currently an important aspect of improving the quality of pellet feed products and improving market competitiveness. one of the means.

At present, the material conditioning machine is mainly used for the production of aquatic products and advanced animal feed. It is composed of paddles or augers and nozzles. There is often water vapor, syrup or water in the floating fish feed making machine. The longer the conditioning time, the better.

What specific role does it play in feed production?

(1)The powder material has been processed.

  • Improve the gelatinization degree of starch in the feed and improve the digestion ability of animals to starch.
  • Promote the denaturation of protein in the material, making it easy to disconnect, thereby improving the digestibility of the pellet machine feed.
  • Using a certain temperature can kill most of the pathogenic bacteria of the material and ensure the hygiene of the feed.

(2) Improve the water resistance of pellets.

After conditioning treatment, the viscous components in the material gelatinize starch, which can give full play to the role of denatured protein as a binder, and can effectively bind other components around.

The granules made by floating fish feed making machine are more closely combined, so that the pellets are denser, have a beautiful appearance, and are not easily eroded by water, thereby improving the stability of the pelleted feed in water.

(3) Improve material granulation performance and increase output.

By increasing the granulation link, the energy consumption of granulation can be saved to a certain extent, and the service life of the pressing die and the pressing roller can be improved. By quenching and tempering the pellets, the material becomes softer and more plastic.

When extruding the hole wall, the inner wall of the die, and the surface of the roller body, the frictional resistance is reduced, which avoids the conversion of a large amount of mechanical energy into heat energy during the floating fish feed making machine pelletizing process. Slow down the wear of die and roller.

How much does a biomass pelletizer cost?

Biomass pelletizer

If you want to invest in a biomass fuel pellet machine, how much does a biomass pelletizer cost?

Many customers will ask “how much is a biomass fuel machine” when they come up with equipment, which is really impossible to answer at once.

Because it is not so simple to make biomass pellets, it is not that one biomass pellet machine equipment can be produced, and there are many factors that determine which biomass pellet millr to use and capacity requirements to determine the price.

If you want to know how much the biomass pelletizer costs, you must first determine the raw materials, and determine whether other related equipment, such as crushers, pulverizers, dryers, etc., are needed according to the type of raw materials and moisture.

Secondly, the output requirements are generally determined by considering the supply of raw materials and the actual situation of the biomass pelletizer company, and the daily output or the hourly output. Of course, the larger the output, the higher the equipment price.

Finally, several other factors must be considered, such as the power situation, how many kilowatts the local transformer can drive; whether the site area is sufficient; the degree of automation and so on.

Prices range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands and millions. We will discuss the specific price and welcome online consultation.

1. The biomass pelletizer operator is very important

The biomass pellet machine operator is very important to the quality of pellets processed by biomass fuel pellets. For biomass fuel pellet mill, no matter whether the operation is normal or not, it will directly affect the quality of the product.

The tensile strength of the powder to be granulated by the proportional biomass granulator should have a proportion of “generally less than 2/3 of the diameter of the ring die hole; moisture.

After quenching and tempering, the moisture should be controlled at 10%~18%. The molding rate Higher, higher density, filtration. Magnetic separation device is required before granulation, so that the mould will not be damaged and unnecessary losses will be avoided.

The real center of the biomass pellet machine mechanism is the wedge point of the rolling or the feed between the copper and the die. Almost all other equipment in the granulation process is an auxiliary part of its key components. There are three pressure points:

Rollers that act on the material extrude the material into the die. The die itself has resistance, preventing fluid from passing through the holes in the die. The pressure exerted by the rollers is combined with the frictional pressure created by the formula itself.

This pressure causes the material to be squeezed and prevents the material from coming out along the impression surface in front of the stick.

When we increase the adjustment of the variable speed drive or control and increase the feed rate of the biomass pelletizer, the amount of material increases in the form of an apparent front. In other words, a high force is required to push the material into the crushing intrusion point rather than falling into the pressure.

In short, the quality and production level of pellets is closely related to the quality of the operators of biomass pelletizers. The biomass pellet mill operator must change the moisture content of the powder according to changes in ambient temperature and humidity.

Variations in pellet size, adjustment of formulations and wear of equipment, as well as special requirements of customers, produce qualified granules.

 To produce high-quality products, employees must have more comprehensive knowledge, rich experience, strong sense of responsibility, and overcome various difficulties in order to produce better-quality products.

2. Biomass pelletizer after-sales is very important

Biomass pelletizer

When purchasing a biomass fuel pellet machine, the quality is very important, and the after-sales service is also very important.

The biomass pelletizer uses various biomass wastes as raw materials for production, which is worth popularizing for my country, which has a large storage capacity of straw and wood chips. In terms of environmental protection, capital regeneration, and development of new energy sources, there are many benefits!

The widespread use of pellet fuel can reduce the development and utilization of non-renewable resources and reduce the dependence on energy imports. Biomass fuel pellet also greatly assists the economic independence of countries.

The market demand for new energy and environmental protection equipment such as biomass pelletizer has maintained a rapid and general increase for a long time. To understand the purchase process of the manufacturer, the quality is very important, and the after-sales service is also very important.

Richi Machinery is a manufacturer of various biomass pelletequipment. We provide free equipment installation, commissioning and technical personnel training and other related services. Users are welcome to come to consult and negotiate.

3. Reasons for biomass fuel pellet machine pellet fuel heating:

Pellet fuel is processed by biomass fuel pellets, and the raw materials are corn stalk, wheat straw, straw, peanut shell, corn cob, cotton stalk, soybean stalk, chaff, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark, etc. Solid Waste.

(1)Biomass pellets are renewable energy, renewable means that they do not deplete natural resources. The energy of biomass pellets comes from sunlight, when trees grow, sunlight stores energy, and when biomass pellets are burned, you are releasing this energy. On winter nights, burning biomass pellets is like casting a ray of sunshine on a fireplace!

(2)Reduce the global greenhouse effect When fossil fuels are burned, they release large amounts of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas for global warming. Burning fossil fuels, such as coal, oil or natural gas, releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere deep in the Earth in a one-way flow process.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, and when biomass pellets burn, carbon dioxide is released and then waiting to be absorbed by dense forests, trees are constantly cycling carbon dioxide, so burning biomass pellets just keep you warm, not the global warming effect !

The pellet fuel of the biomass pelletizer can replace firewood, raw coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used in heating, living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.

RICHI MACHINERY has been established for more than 25 years, specializing in biomass pellet mill for sale, the development and production of single/complete biomass pellet production lines such as animal feed, biomass fuel, wood waste, grass, straw, organic fertilizer, etc., and provide design and services for EPC/Turnkey biomass pellet mill projects!

Why use a wood pellet mill?

In recent years, the voices of energy saving and environmental protection, waste recycling, and building a green and economical society have become stronger and stronger. From the perspective of development trend, wood pellet mill for sale with both energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency is undoubtedly the main direction of research and development and production of pellet machinery in the future.

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1. Equipment introduction

Sawdust wood pellet mill for sale is a mechanical equipment that uses corn stalk, wheat straw, straw, peanut shell, sawdust, bark and other solid wastes of crops as raw materials, and becomes solid pellet fuel after crushing, pressurizing, densifying and molding.

2. Application areas

(1) Civil heating and living energy: the solid particle fuel made by wood pellet mill for sale has high utilization rate and is easy to store.

(2) Industrial boilers: As the main fuel of industrial boilers, it can replace coal and solve environmental pollution.

(3) Power generation: it can be used as fuel for thermal power generation, with high utilization rate.

3. Features

wood pellet mill for sale

(1) The sawdust wood pellet mill for sale adopts high-precision involute cylindrical helical gears for direct transmission, and the efficiency is as high as 98%.

(2) The bearing of the wood pellet mill for sale has a longer service life. The principle of bidirectional rotation of the thrust bearing is used to automatically adjust the pressure angle to ensure the stability of the discharge molding and the safer operation.

(3) Simple operation and convenient use: high degree of automation and less labor.

(4) The wood pellet mill for sale produced by our company has reasonable price, high quality and guaranteed after-sale service. It is widely used at home and abroad, and new and old customers are welcome to come and buy. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

4. Development prospect analysis

Nowadays, biomass solidified molding fuel has been commercialized in Japan, the European Union, the United States and other countries and regions.

It is very popular and convenient, and can be bought in supermarkets. In the Chinese market, the sawdust wood pellet mill machine has emerged as a new type of product, and the development prospect is still very considerable.

5. How to disassemble the wood pellet mill for sale?

Nowadays, wood pellet machines can be said to be widely used in all walks of life. However, when you use the wood pellet press machine, especially after a long time of use, the wood pellet mill for sale will inevitably have various failures. At this time, you need to disassemble the wood pellet machine for maintenance.

But disassembling the sawdust pellet machine is not such a simple matter, because if you do not follow the steps to disassemble it, there may be problems during installation, so when disassembling the sawdust pellet mill machine, you must follow the correct steps to disassemble it.

Disassembly steps of wood pellet mill for sale:

(1) When dismantling the wood pelletizer machine, make preparations for the assembly in advance. In order to improve the assembly efficiency and ensure the correctness of the assembly, you should pay attention to checking, remembering and marking when disassembling.

(2) Before disassembly, the soil and oil on the surface of the sawdust fuel wood pellet mill for sale should be removed, and it should be kept clean during the disassembly process.

(3) Disassemble as needed, try to disassemble as little as possible, and do not disassemble if it can not be disassembled. (Related post: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

(4) When disassembling the wood pellet machine, it is necessary to select tools according to the actual situation, especially without hitting and knocking hard, so as to avoid damage or deformation of the parts, which will affect the use of the wood pellet machine.

(5) The wood pellet mill for sale should be disassembled in a reasonable order, generally from the accessories to the main parts, from the outside to the inside, first disassemble the whole machine into an assembly, then disassemble the assembly into parts, and disassemble the parts into parts .

(6) When disassembling the wood pellet mill for sale, you must follow the instructions. Do not disassemble it indiscriminately, which will cause the wood pellet machine to malfunction and affect its use.

The above is the detailed steps to disassemble the wood pellet mill for sale, I believe everyone knows it. Richi Machinery has been focusing on the research and development and production of wood pellet mill for sale, fuel pellet mill machines, sawdust pelletizer machines, pellet machine production lines, biomass straw pellet mill machines, wood pellet hammer mill pulverizers, wood processing equipment, drying equipment, cooling equipment and packaging equipment for many years, has reached the international advanced level, welcome all new and old customers to visit the factory!

Customized poultry feed pellet machine for small farm with CE

poultry feed pellet machine

The poultry feed pellet machine series products are designed with an all-inclusive motor, and the appearance is small and simple. The diameter of the feed opening is large, and the ring die design is suitable for making feed pellets. The structure design is scientific and reasonable, simple, small footprint and low noise.

The poultry feed pellet making machine output can reach 1-48 tons per hour. The pellets produced by the feed pellet machine have smooth surface, uniform body and high hardness, which is convenient for storage and transportation. Users can choose different apertures and compression ratios according to their different needs, and the operation and maintenance are simple, safe and reliable. At the same time, the RICHI poultry feed pellet making machine has high output, low energy consumption, and high technical and economic benefits.

poultry feed pellet machine

1.Scope of poultry feed pellet making machineapplication

The poultry feed pellet making machine is widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, grain and poultry feed mill plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small poultry feed making plants. It is also widely used in the re-granulation of organic waste gas in animal husbandry, large, medium and small farms and feed factories. The poultry feed pellet making machine is the ideal equipment of choice for animal husbandry. (Related post: cat litter making machine)

2.Raw materialsfor poultry feed pellet making machine

It is suitable for pressing soybean, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, distiller’s grains, weeds, wheat straw, cotton stalk, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust and other crops as raw materials.

3.Introduction to the motor of the poultry feed pellet machine:

The motor of the poultry feed pellet making machine adopts an all-inclusive design and a ring-die moving plate design, and the density of the produced pellets can reach 1.1*103kg/m3. The length of the feed pellets can be adjusted arbitrarily by adjusting the height of the cutter, which can fully meet the European standard (the length of the European standard feed pellets is 1-5 times the diameter of the pellets).

The SZLH series poultry feed pellet making machine uses the motor as the driving shaft for power, and operates cyclically on this basis. The main shaft and the die plate and the friction roller are driven by gears, and the resulting friction temperature (between the roller and the die plate) can reach as much as 80°C.

The raw materials are subjected to high temperature, and under the action of the pressing roller, they pass through the holes on the die plate, and the high-quality molding pellets will roll out from the discharge port. At the same time, the length of the particles can be set according to the position of the cutter head.

After the unremitting efforts of many technical experts, it adopts advanced technology than similar poultry feed pellet making machines in the domestic and overseas markets. Processed particles with smooth surface, uniform body, and a certain hardness. And users can choose different apertures and compression ratios according to their different needs to obtain the best technology and economic benefits.

4.Performance characteristics of poultry feed pellet making machine

(1) Poultry feed pellet machine has the characteristics of compact structure, beautiful appearance, high output, low power consumption, convenient use and reliable working performance.

(2) The pressure rollers of the poultry feed pellet making machine are evenly arranged, and the operation is stable. At the same time, the pressing area is increased, and the production efficiency is improved.

(3) The screw center pressure regulating structure is adopted, and the gap between the molds increases and decreases, which is suitable for different materials to ensure the pressing effect.

(4) The poultry feed pellet making machine is equipped with an observation door, which can be checked at any time for easy maintenance and repair.

(5) The structure design of the poultry feed pellet making machine is scientific and reasonable, simple, small footprint and low noise.

(6) The type of poultry feed pellet making machine with dry input and dry output is convenient for making materials, with high output and low energy consumption.

(7) The pellet forming rate of the poultry feed pellet machine is high, and the pellets produced have high hardness and smooth surface, which is convenient for storage and transportation. (Related post: cat litter production line)

(8) Poultry feed pellet making machine is equipped with 2.5–10mm diameter molds, which are suitable for granulating different materials and achieve the best effect.

(9) Poultry feed pellet making machine adapts to different materials to ensure the pressing effect.

(10) Simple operation and maintenance, safe and reliable.

(11) The poultry feed pellet making machine has strong adaptability to the workplace.

(12) The poultry feed pellet machine is cast as a whole, with a solid structure, beautiful appearance and long service life.